The Ready Companies  |  Why Us?

We know and understand that trusting the company you work with is very important!

We also understand that finding an honest, professional company can be very tough. Well, we don’t believe it should be…


Below is a list of things that separates us from the others.

Our vision at The Ready Companies is to provide customers with a “one stop” experience through our 4 divisions; Ready Buildings, Ready Roofing, Ready Homes, Ready Properties and service residential, commercial, municipal, agricultural and equestrian projects of all kinds.


More Than a One-Trick Pony
Keeping multiple projects with one company which you trust will minimize hassles and will give you the peace of mind that your projects will be done right and in a timely manner.  Oh and by the way, this will also bring your total costs down.


Centralized Quality Control
Members of our crews are either trained and employed by us or, if they are sub contractors, they go through a strict vetting process before we use them in your job site. Those individuals are ALL “Ready Certified”.  Also, our crews and network of talent all have numerous skill sets which allows us to bring the best people and skills to every project.


Overall, we operate with the mindset that over-communicating with our customers is the best way to avoid possible misunderstandings as well as building trust. You will be able to contact us via text, phone, Skype or Face Time as well as our customer portal called “BuilderTrend”


Up Front
If you are interested in having any kind of building built (residential, commercial, equestrian, agricultural or any other), other companies will NOT include the cost of potential fill dirt necessary to bring your job site to grade. That amount is normally an additional charge due before the project begins.  We will show you the cost of your site work and fill dirt up front along side the rest of your building quote.

The same thing happens with permit fees. Most companies in the area will bill you separately the cost of the permit (if they are pulling it for you) later in the process. We will include the cost of your permit as part of your initial proposal.


More than a Shell
We not only will build your building shell but also offer building interior services which include; electric, plumbing, drywall and much more. We provide full-service general contracting services. Other pole building companies in the area will only build you a shell. If you want a finished building, you would have to contract more than one company to accomplish your project goals.  When you choose The Ready Companies, you keep everything in one place!


Ready WarrantyReady Warranty
Typically, a contractor will warranty his work for a year. Workmanship warranties are only as good as the intent and ability of the company to stand behind them.  This is where reading the fine print comes in.  You will need to find out ALL the details of what the workmanship warranty covers. The length of time warrantied? What “workmanship” means? When dealing with The Ready Companies, all of this will be crystal clear.

This is where we stand…
There are two types of warranties. There is the a product warranty which is covered by the manufacturer. The other is workmanship or a better term is a warranty on the installation. Who wants to deal with the hassle of contacting a manufacturer, especially if the product was never installed properly in the first place? With The Ready Companies, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that we use the highest quality products AND our crews are trained to install them. We stand behind our work and to prove it, we offer a 3 Year Ready Warranty. Here’s how it works:

The first 3 years: If ANY problem arises in year 1, 2 or 3 AFTER the project is finished, we will come to the job site and perform a free inspection to determine the cause of the problem. If it’s a product defect or failure, we will contact the manufacturer for you and set up a claim on your behalf. The labor on the replacement of item will be on us.

After 3 years: If ANY problem arises the 3 years AFTER the project is finished, we will still do a free inspection to determine the problem and then we’ll offer a solution.

Click here to download the details and “fine-print” regarding our Ready Warranty.

Last thing about our warranty…
Common sense and fairness is what we apply in all situations. That’s how we run our company and what we also expect from our customers. We don’t think that this is too much to ask. Here are several examples which illustrate what we mean.

1. Jimmy is playing baseball next to the building we built for you and hits a hard line drive which lands on your metal roof. This causes a dent on the steel and creates a small crack in the paint which allows water to come into contact with the steel and eventually causes part of the panel to rust.

2. You have a storm and a tree falls and destroys a portion of your deck and damages the side of your building.

3. You back into a retaining wall we installed as part of your hardscape patio with your riding mower.

Who do you think is responsible for any of these damages? You get the point. We are ready and willing to work with you with fairness, integrity and common sense. We think it’s only fair to expect the same from every individual we work for and with.


Quality. Dedication. Integrity!
These are the principles at the heart of our company and our employees. Every member of our team holds these high standards of personal and professional excellence. These are not just words, ideas or goals but are core values that we hold and live by…EVERYDAY!!!


Most home owners are NOT general Contractors (GC’s) and they don’t care to be. What they want is a trusted advisor, partner and expert at a fair price that will work for them and on their behalf. We are “Ready” for you, let’s talk!