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New siding is one of the fastest ways to boost curb appeal.

Regardless of which style or color you choose, new siding will spice up your home and grab the attention of those living in your area


There are many different options to consider when choosing your siding, soffit & trim materials.

We’ve listed a variety of choices along with a sampling of vendor links on this page so that you can explore at your leisure. It is important to remember that we will install anyone’s product…so the possibilities for your vision are endless!

Close your eyes and imagine what a difference it would make if you upgraded the vertical siding to your home. With all the colors, textures, and materials you can choose from, you’ll have a lot to think about.

Here are a few of the most important factors to take into you consideration:
• Energy efficiency savings

• Protection from extreme weather
• Home comfort improvements
• Durability
• Low maintenance level
• Progressive foam backing

When you schedule a consultation with one of our inspectors, we’ll present all your options and help you determine which siding type best fits your needs. Then it’s just up to you to pick one of the many available colors and we’ll quickly get you a free, no-obligation estimate.




Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

Both vinyl & aluminum siding (as well as soffits and trims) are very durable and basically maintenance free. Although, in the past, the majority of homes were sided with aluminum siding and accessories…vinyl has quickly become the panel of choice. Vinyl siding and accessories typically carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and maintain their color better due to the fact that they are not painted products. If you are looking to increase the R-value of your home, be sure to ask about insulated backer board or insulated siding panels.

High-performance siding from Certainteed is one of the most popular siding types in North America.  With a huge variety of styles and colors available for every budget, it’s can be a tough decision.  Our highly trained experts can help you decide which siding option is right for your home.

Here are some of the benefits of vinyl siding:
Vinyl is practically maintenance free. No painting, no sealing.

• Vinyl has 10 times the life expectancy of traditional wood siding.
• No bugs here. It’s impervious to termites and other wood boring insects and pests.
• The many styles, patterns and color options allow you to create the perfect look for your home.
• You can get almost any color imaginable.
• Vinyl is more affordable than fiber cement, brick, stucco, aluminum and even wood.

Click Here for more info. We will use the Carolina Beaded and Mainstreet most of the time.



Fiber Cement

Fiber cement products can increase the beauty, value, safety and durability of your home. They are resistant to flame, impact, moisture, rotting, hail damage, and termites. Innovative products that are designed to last a lifetime with low maintenance.

Fiber Cement siding is one of the best investments you can make in your home.  It offers great protection, durability, and the lifetime value is unbeatable.  On top of all that, it’s low maintenance.

At Ready Roofing, we feature JamesHardie siding, the leader in the fiber cement industry.  We’re part of the JamesHardie Associate Contractor Program, which means we’re certified installation experts.  You can count on our 3 year workmanship warranty and a 30 year limited product warranty.

Hardie siding already helps with energy efficiency, but when paired with Progressive Foam’s “Linebacker” product, an exterior insulation board custom designed specifically for Hardie Plank siding, it becomes even better at keeping your home insulated from the weather while still allowing your home to breathe.

Ready Roofing thinks that James Hardie and Hardie Plank Siding is a great investment:

Durability: James Hardie siding products are engineered by climate area to resist the harshest weather conditions each unique part of the world has to offer.  This helps the fiber cement withstand UV levels, wind, rain, pests and heat.

Extensive Product Warranty: HardiePlank, HardiePanel, HardieSoffit, and HardieShake come with a 30-year nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty. That’s how confident James Hardie is in their product.  Their ColorPlus Technology process optimizes paint adhesion and reveals a consistent finish that requires little maintenance.

Low Maintenance: Hardie has all the beauty of traditional wood siding with none of the pain points.  While traditional wood siding would need to be painted every 3 to 7 years, HardiePlank with ColorPlus Technology comes with a 15 year, limited warranty just on the paint! No need to scrape, or repaint. HardiePlank wont dent or warp like vinyl siding does.

Style: Whatever you hope to achieve with your design aesthetic, Hardie Plank offers a style and color to meet your needs.  There’s no better way to achieve a high end look and feel for the exterior of your home.


Boral Versetta Stone®

Boral Versetta Stone® is a mortarless, cement-based manufactured stone veneer with a unique, panelized design that is installed with mechanical fasteners, allowing carpenters and contractors to recreate the beauty and craftsmanship of authentic stone masonry using screws or nails.

Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer is a non-structural masonry cladding which is installed with mechanical fasteners.

Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer installs in courses using 8″ x 36″ panels that interlock with a tongue and groove system. The 26-gauge galvanized nailing strip allows for fastening with nails or screws directly through it and is rated for 60 years of corrosion resistance. Drain holes are engineered into the nailing strip to allow for incidental water to move through the system.

Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer is made with light-weight, fiber-reinforced concrete enabling tensile and structural strength. Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer is rated for wind resistance up to 110 MPH, has a Class A fire resistance rating, and passes freeze/thaw testing.

From new construction to remodeling, exterior walls to stunning interiors, Boral Versetta Stone® adds the beautiful detail of traditional stone masonry with a modern installation, offering a complete system founded on quality, speed and selection.

Fast, clean installation
Aesthetically pleasing
• No need to paint, coat or seal
Withstands freezes, thaws, winds and heat
Made of lightweight aggregate materials
Requires no additional footings for support
Made from a minimum of 50% recycled content as validated by UL Environment™
Backed by a 50-year limited warranty including one-time transferability*
NAHB Research Center Green Approved product


Soffits & Trim

Your overhangs (whether covered by gutters or not) as well as your peaks are referred to as your homes soffits & rakes. Trim constitutes the wrapping of any wood around windows, doors, etc. Although you usually update these areas in conjunction with siding your home…that is not always the case. Your home may be brick or stucco and still have wood soffits & trim. By covering that wood with vinyl or aluminum soffit material you can make your homes exterior maintenance free. Don’t forget about your porch ceilings, as they can be transformed as well.



Regardless of which brand you choose, a properly installed Housewrap system (including proper flashing and sealing) will improve your homes thermal performance. It also acts as a secondary barrier to help prevent moisture from penetrating into your homes wall cavity by deflecting it and channeling it down the surface of the exterior wall, thus reducing the likelihood of building rot & wood degradation. Increase your comfort & peace of mind, while saving energy!



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