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Metal Commercial Roofing is Cost-Effective, Yet Looks Professional and Stylish.

From a classic vertical standing seam design, to an elegant wood shake reproduction, or a traditional shingle, we have the style and the color to suit your commercial building.


Some examples of commercial customers we can serve include:
• Restaurants (including chains)
• Stand-alone medical and legal offices
• Strip malls
• Retail outlets
• Light industrial
• Warehouses
• Park shelters
• Schools, churches and other institutional buildings


Companies that perform a cost/benefit analysis will come away impressed by the compelling reasons to select a metal commercial roofing style. The long-term durability is the most convincing argument. Metal roofing can give an estimated 50 years of useful life! In that time, a firm might have to replace a conventional roof three times! For instance, the average life of ordinary asphalt shingle is 12 years. Another compelling argument: no repair costs. The aluminum roofs we install are maintenance free and impervious to rain and snow, rot, cracking and leaks. The metal panels interlock, creating water tight seams that can stand up to winds of up to 120 miles per hour. This means you get commercial roofing that will slice your budget for repairs and maintenance.

Another cost benefit: you will cut air conditioning bills. A metal roof is not “hot”; in fact the engineers have designed our product to be a “cool roof”– that reflects solar rays back up into the sky. The roof is not absorbing heat or passing it through to the building below, and so interior cooling demand drops. 46% reflectivity is not uncommon. Those energy savings are part of any bottom line calculations on metal roofing.

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the finish is the reason metal roofing is energy saving. Our coated systems not only reflect solar heat, but also “re-emit” it. This means any heat that is absorbed is released back into the atmosphere, rather than passing into the interior. Some metal commercial roofing can re-emit as much as 90% of absorbed energy. In other words, the heat that is not reflected is “sent back”.

Aluminum roofing does not require structural reinforcement. For business, this is another cost saving factor. In addition, it can often be installed atop an existing roof, or the roof substrate, which eliminates the expense and disruptiveness of tearing off a roof. Another opportunity for budget savings: you will want to ask your insurance company if they offer a premium discount for commercial roofing with the high fire rating of an aluminum roof.

We do not use galvanized steel which has been coated with aluminum. Our products are all aluminum. It is more pliable than other metals, which is why it can be fabricated into the textures and shapes that so exactly replicate wood, shakes and shingles. Yet when it is formed into interlocking panels, it has the strength of much heavier metals. You can walk on it! Aluminum is fully recyclable, if you choose to do so – when the roof is taken down 50 years from now!


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