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You Buy. We Fix. You Sell.

If you are a property management company that “flips houses”, we’ll take care of everything with your property except buy and sell your home.


We Clean, Paint, Repair and Everything in Between

Here is a short list of common things we have pretty good experience doing:
• Remodeling/Renovation and Improvement Jobs
• Plumbing
• Floors
• Trash Clean Up/Demo
• Rental Property Maintenance
• Foreclosure Cleanup
• Furniture Hauling
• Snow Removal
• Debris Removal
• Pressure Wash Siding, Patios, Decks, Stairs, Driveways, and Sidewalks
• Doors, Windows, Cabinets (Repair/Replace)
• Install New Kitchen or Bath Cabinets
• Gutter Repair, Cleaning, and Installation
• Concrete and Asphalt Removal and Repairs
• Landscaping Services
• Carpet Cleaning/Replacement
• Wood/Laminate Flooring Install
• Fence Install

Much, much more.  If it’s not on the list, ask us…we might surprise you!

Make One Call to Ready Properties & Check It Off Your List
• You no longer have to waste time in search of a reliable carpenter, painter, carpet cleaner or maid service.
• You no longer need to bother with the logistics of trying to coordinate their schedules and make sure they all show up at the right time.
• You don’t need to call separate facilities maintenance companies.
• Ready Properties is happy to take those time-consuming tasks off your shoulders. Whatever your property needs in order for it to be Ready for resale or for the next tenant.

We are a company that values professionalism, quality and a high level of customer service, setting the standard in the service industry in the following ways:

Streamlined Services
We greatly reduce your burdens by providing a service that eliminates the need for multiple vendors to complete your rental turnover.

How much time (and money) can you save by eliminating the following:
• The need to contact, schedule and coordinate multiple vendors
• The presence of vendors in your offices while staff is meeting with potential residents
• Tracking down lost keys between vendors
• Rescheduling vendors when one falls behind schedule
• The need to track turnovers on a “whiteboard” in your office
• Paying multiple invoices to multiple vendors for a single unit turnover

Ready Properties makes it a reality by consolidating all the processes associated into a simple and efficient system. Ready Properties combines services, ensures all teams are working together, and monitors the entire turnover process.

Quality Assurance
In order to provide consistent quality with minimal impact on clients’ resources, Ready Properties’s crew supervisors spend their time out in the field, not behind a desk pushing papers. They are available, visible and remain involved throughout the process. They ensure timely project completion and carry out quality checks.

Our Commitment to You…
• We see the property through the eyes of the buyer/renter
• We focus on the customer’s needs
• We make turnovers easier and faster
• We provide Property Owners and Managers increased productivity
• We Save You Time, Money, and Energy
• We offer a variety of related services which are customized to each property and are integrated into a complete package for you, the customer


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