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Ready Buildings has the experience in preparing sites
for post-frame and traditional building structures.

Proper site preparation costs a little more upfront but saves you money
and headaches in the long run.


Here’s What We Offer:

  1. Preparation of the site for concrete
  2. If needed, application of fill dirt (a layer at a time) and compacting it to ensure a non-settling crowned or level surface.
  3. Grading
  4. Removal of all humus and sod
  5. Excavation to remove high spots, if needed.
  6. Adding ditches, pond or swales, if needed.
  7. Addition a layer of coarse stone over the soil base to reduces capillary action and drain water away.


What About Trees?
Prior to breaking ground, we will help you to prioritize which trees should be preserved and which should be removed. We can then help you prepare the site for the upcoming construction so as to minimize the damage to the trees that are remaining in the landscape. If there is a stump in the way, we can remove that too!


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