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You Have Lots of Choices!

As you endeavor in your journey to build your dream building, the list below will help you weigh your options on what you will need and want.


Roof Trusses

They are designed to carry certain loads such as wind, snow, ceilings, the weight of the roof and any roof traffic. Trusses are a key structural component and most building jurisdictions will require that they meet design loads. Trusses can also play a role in the function of your building as well its overall appearance.

Roofing (Painted Steel)

Comes in 26, 28 & 29 gauge thickness. Standing Seam also available.


Roofing (Asphalt Shingles)

3-Tab Shingles, Architectural Shingles. Used in place of the standard metal roof in your choice of colors. Option Price Range: $3000.00 – $5000.00


A nice touch to finish out your building. They can function as ventilation but usually are just for looks and mounted on a weather tight base. Cupolas are color matched to the building at no extra charge and come with your choice of weathervane. Prices are affected by size and functionality. Common sizes are 2’x2′, 3’x3′ and 4’x4′. Option Price Range: $400.00 – $1500.00




If your building will have attic space or a loft area then a dormer might be useful for providing light and ventilation.



A wide range of siding choices are available because it’s a key element in the visual appeal of your new building. Ribbed Steel over open Wall Girts is our standard and most economical method of siding your building and it’s offered in a choice of many different colors. The options that include OSB wall sheathing will provide additional strength and security to your building while providing a “backer” for attachment of the siding. Our painted steel siding comes in 26, 28 & 29 gauge.For an upgraded look from metal, try choosing colored vinyl siding, many choices available. Lastly, our Board & Batton (Wood) style is another upgraded look from our standard metal; seen on horse barns for example.


Used around the perimeter of the building. Breaks up the look of the siding by using two colors. Metal, stone and brick can be used for the bottom portion of the siding. Option Price Range: $450.00 – $4000.00


Lean To’s

Some call it a porch. They are an economical way to gain additional footage for a variety of uses including covered storage, shade, rooms and stalls. Lean-tos can attach at the Eaveline of your main building or below it and can be located on any side. We offer widths from 8′-0″ to 20′-0″ using rafters and can also build wider using roof trusses. Some Lean-to options to consider are steel ceilings, Column Y-Braces and Columns with Dutch Corners. Option Price Range: $2500.00 – $7500.00

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Overhead (Garage) Doors – Range from a modest raised panel door to a fancier carriage house style door; seen on newer homes. Option Price Range: $900.00 – $1500.00

Sliding Doors (Sliders) – Used mostly in farm applications

Personnel/Entry Doors – 6-Panel and 9-Lite. Adding extra doors to your building gives you easier access. Option Price Range: $300.00 – $450.00

Overhead Door Openings – Standard (Square), Dutch Corners, Arched Framed

Insulation Options – Blown Cellulose – R30 (In Ceiling), R 19 Insulation (Walls), Solar Guard (Walls and/or Ceiling), Double Bubble (Vapor Barrier). Option Price Range: $1000.00 – $3000.00

Snow Guards – These are installed on your roof to prevent large chunks of snow from sliding off the roof and potentially damaging. Option Price Range: $400.00 – $1000.00

Windows – We offer windows in single hung, double hung and sliding. All come in insulated or non-insulated like those in your home. Can be placed anywhere you’d like as long as they don’t compromise the integrity of the structure. They have 3/4″ insulated dual pane glass. Available options include grid patterns, shutters and Low E energy ratings. Option Price Range: $180.00 – $350.00[/px_column]

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Overhang – 12″ overhang improves ventilation; better appearance, less “boxy” fits in better in residential settings. Adding Overhangs to your new building is the single best way to dress it up and they’re functional too. We offer several different Styles to help you achieve the look you’re after whether it’s a basic shed, a nice garage or a classic stall barn. Overhangs also allow an attic space to vent properly if you decide to install a ceiling now or in the future.  Option Price Range: $400.00 – $1200.00

Sky Lights or Side Lights – Help bring natural light into your space. Option Price Range: $900.00 – $1800.00

Concrete – Stone Base or Concrete flooring can be added to any of our structures for a more substantial floor and finished look by our own concrete pouring crew.

Poles – 3-Ply Glu-Lam poles are standard on all our post-frame buildings.

Gutters & Downspouts – Exterior gutters can be installed to drain off rain or melting snow. Option Price Range: $700.00 – $1400.00

Interior Walls, Electric and Plumbing – Add interior walls to divide your space into separate areas for an office, workspace or shop. We can also install electric and plumbing to your structure.

Even though our goal is to help you and guide you as you make your buying decision, we know that you probably will have more questions than answers.  No worries, that’s normal.  Let’s talk![/px_column]


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