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What do you want to use your new building for?

What does your building need to do for you now and in the future?


Post frame (Pole) buildings are extremely versatile for designing to each customer’s unique needs and how they want their building to perform and look. The best way to come up with your own design is to ask yourself what you will be using the building for now and in the future. Maybe it will be a multi-purpose structure and should have different wings and areas. Maybe it’s close to the house and needs to be dressed up to blend in better. Even if it’s just a shed out back there might be that one feature to make the building just right for your purpose.

NOTE: Conventional Buildings (Stick-Built/Stud Wall Frame) can be built in practically in any shape or size.  This is why there are no specific styles illustrated below.


Our advice is to start off with what you want
We always say, “shoot for the moon and settle for the atmosphere”.  We’ll work with you until we land in a place where your budget meets your vision.


The Building Styles we illustrate below will give you a better understanding
of what is available and help with visualizing what your building will look like.


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